Smart Tutor Referrals has a trusted team of over 50 teachers covering all academic subjects and grades.
trusted team of tutors

All of our tutors have been selected for their skill as educators, their obvious love of teaching, and alignment with our vision for education.

Only the best tutors are selected to work with Smart Tutor Referrals' students. Time and care are taken to select and screen tutors whose values and approach match that of Smart Tutor Referrals. Time is also taken to develop teachers as private tutors through professional development workshops.

Tutors are paid at a fair rate and according to their experience. The positive rapport this cultivates creates good working morale, which carries over into tutorials. In other words, good teachers working under good conditions apply themselves to doing what they do best - teach.

Some Feedback from Tutors:

“My student is continuing to make good progress. She loves to read and is very proud that she has at last learned how. I know she is receiving learning assistance at school, but she and her mother both credit me for teaching her, so that reflects nicely on Smart Tutor Referrals!”

“My student and I click really well. He has improved his confidence and grade in Math tremendously over these past three months. Very nice family too.”

”I want to tell you that I enjoy this work very much. It is always rewarding and exciting. I thank you for everything you are doing for tutors and students.”