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Changes at Home

"I just wanted to thank you again for setting this up. She is a wonderful teacher and person. Our son is doing so well. We feel really on top of things."
Michelle - mother of grade 5 homework support student

"I feel better already. I feel a real sense of relief."
Bailey - mother of math 5 student

"We are so pleased; we're not fighting about homework anymore!"
Tina - mother of grade 8 study skills student

"She's more confident, not as frustrated, and happier. Our whole household has changed for the better. Before we had the tutor coming, there were tears and frustration every night. I'd never have imagined in my wildest dreams that she'd have progressed so quickly. Even the teachers have commented."
Sheila - mother of grade 3 reading student

"Thank you so much for your service. It's been the best thing we've done for our son. He says that he wants to study more and that's unusual."
Paula - mother of grade 4 homework support student

"My daughter has caught up with the rest of her class in ten short months. I would never have believed it when we started. I am extremely grateful. In the evening when it is time to read, my daughter does not burst into tears. Her confidence has improved considerably, and she is a much happier child. This has affected our whole family in a positive way."
Patricia - mother of Reading 2 student

Growth in the Student

"She's really picked up her mark. My daughter's tutor has helped her immensely. It's been wonderful for her. It really does make a difference."
Carolyn - mother of Math 11 student

"My son is focused and his attitude has improved. I wanted to extend my gratitude to you. We're all really happy."
Leslie - mother of grade 6 homework support student

"My son had a test and called right away. I've never heard him so excited. He got only two wrong on the test. He used to get only 3 or 4 right. He's got more confidence in himself at school and at home too. I'm very glad that we decided to do this."
Karen - mom of grade 8 math & English student

"I'm glad that I have my tutor to fall back on for this strange university terminology!"
Yvonne - Administrative Studies

"I feel so good about school when I have a tutor."
Matt - grade 9 homework support student

"I'm making progress. Tutoring is the only way to learn! I'm not as frustrated and I have a lot more courage now."
Toby - Mechanical Engineering

"He's finding math easier now. Things are looking up."
Joan - mother of Math 6 student

"My daughter is doing so well that now she is helping others in her class!"
Christine - mother of Math 10 student

"The tutor is very, very good. My son's confidence has grown. This has been a positive experience for him."
Myrna - mother of Study Skills 7 student

"I'm pretty impressed. Working with a tutor helps you get a better look at things. I have really improved my grade!"
Katrina - grade 11 math student

"My daughter is finally grasping procedures. Headway is being made."
Lew - father of grade 10 math student

"Thank you so much. My tutor is helping me really understand."
Peter - 1st year Calculus student

Good Match

"This seems like a good partnership."
Shawna - mother of Chemistry 11 student

"My son's tutor is great."
Lisa - mother of Biology 11 student

"We've seen improvement. They have a great rapport."
Catherine - mother of Math 7 student

"Our son really loves his tutor. They are working well together. He's focussed, and I am less anxious!"
Leslie - mother of Study Skills 7 student

"The tips my tutor gave me really helped."
Simmy - English 150

"My son's tutor is very earnest. We like him very much."
Marie - mother of Math 9 student

"We're impressed with our sons' tutor. She's a real support."
Bala - mother of Study Skills 5 & 7 students

"Our tutor inspired my daughter."
Cheryl - mother of Math 12 student

"My tutor was nice and caring."
Sienna - Essay Writing 11

"Having the tutor was a good help. She was just the right tutor for our son."
Soo San - mother of Math 10 student

"My children's tutor was enthusiastic and inspiring."
Laura - mother of Enrichment 7 & 8 student

"They are getting along well together. Progress has been made."
Brandi - mother of English, Math 3 student

"Our daughter's confidence has increased. The tutor is using helpful, easy strategies to increase fluency and word recognition."
Jillian - mother of English 4 student

"I like the way she teaches my boys. She really knows what she's doing."
Lori - mother of grade 6, 7, 8 math and French students

"We're getting along really well together. Thank you for matching me with this student!"
Jane - SAT test prep tutor

"Things are going very well with my son's tutor."
Eric - father of beginner Mandarin student

"My son's tutor is great. She's worth a million dollars."
Tim - father of grade 7 homework support student

"My tutor is nice and kind. She explains things well."
Lisa - grade 12 math student

"She's a really good teacher."
Asami - English as a Second Language student

"I'm very satisfied with my tutor."
Ellena - SAT test prep student

"We highly recommend our daughter's tutor for anyone needing help with Math!"
Dava - mother of grade 6 math student

"My son's tutor is worth every penny!"
Myra - mother of grade 7 study skills student

"Thanks for finding such a great tutor for me."
Sierra - ESL student

Smart Tutor Referrals’ Approach

"Thank you for all your help. I've enjoyed the registration. It was a very smooth process."
Valery - 1st year student

"Your interview was very thorough. I'm really impressed."
Judy - mom of Reading 2 student

"Your company is very good and professional. My son's tutor was also very good."
Taeko - mother of Spanish 11 student

"We have been so grateful to have had Smart Tutor in our son's life for the past 3.5 years or so. Our tutor is not only a special teacher but became a real friend to us all. I would certainly recommend both Smart Tutor very highly and have done so to many people already."
Diane - mother of high school student

"The best thing I ever did was pick up the phone and call your business."
Elaine - mother of Science 10 student

"I like the way you do the assessments."
Alice - mother of Reading 6 student

"My tutor was brilliant. She is a credit to your agency."
Monty - English 150

"Our daughter felt quite positive about her conversation with you on Monday. She was impressed with the professionalism of your interview. So was I."
John - father of Math 10 student

"We are delighted with my host daughter's tutor. She is a superb tutor. You have one happy customer."
Jill - host mother of grade 5 homework support student

"I appreciate your excellent service."
Tony – Spanish student

"I'm very impressed with you, your service, the tutor you matched me with, and the progress that I've made."
Barrie - essay writing student

"I have been very impressed by your professionalism, your support and friendly manner. I think you are providing an excellent service to this community."
JoAnne - tutor

Goals Met

"My daughter's grades are up, but more importantly, her attitude toward school has improved."
Rachel - mother of grade 2 reading student

"She's all caught up. The tutoring has worked out really well."
Gail - mother of Math 11student

"I passed my exam! Thank you."
Lily - English 12

"She's already made progress after just a few sessions. She's interested in the subject."
Wendy - mother of English 7 student

"I got my results today and I passed! I'm so happy!"
Michele - GED

"Our tutor has given me some really good ideas to help me help my son."
Anna - mother of grade 1 French student

"Just what I was looking for! Thanks so much!"
Kathy - English as a Second Language student

"Things are going very well with my daughter's tutor. We're planning to continue through the summer."
Sarah - mother of grade 2 reading student

"I appreciate your excellent service."
Tony – Spanish student

"Our son passed his exam - thanks for the help!"
Laura - mother of Calculus 150 student