Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child and our family benefit from tutoring?
A tutor provides personal attention and professional help to meet your child’s needs in learning. Your child's skills will improve, but more importantly, his/her confidence and sense of ability will grow.

Additional benefits can include:

  • an improved attitude toward school
  • a sense of relief around homework time
  • more effective study habits
  • more free time for other activities

Who uses Smart Tutor Referrals?
Parents & students who recognize that one-on-one attention is a successful teaching/learning model chose tutoring:

  • Learners who respond best to individual attention
  • Families that want to focus on family time rather than homework time
  • People looking for additional instruction in a topic or skill
  • Students who want to explore a topic beyond the level of the class
  • Students who are struggling to keep up with the class or who are not learning to their potential
  • Someone looking to brush up on skills before taking an exam or entering a course
  • Home-schooled and distance education learners

What are the benefits of one-on-one tutoring, as opposed to small groups?
Each student learns differently both in style of learning and pace; in a one-on-one tutorial, the student has the tutor’s undivided attention. This way, answers and suggestions can be tailored specifically to the individual learner taking into account learning style, strengths, and interests. The tutor works with your student to achieve his/her goals.

While your student is working out a problem, the tutor can be thinking ahead to the next step. Studies show that children learn more and advance more quickly with individualized attention.

Once I have decided to hire a tutor, why should I choose Smart Tutor Referrals?
We take the guesswork out of selecting a tutor by matching your child’s academic needs and learning styles with just the right tutor. All our tutors are selected for their skill as educators but equally as important is their obvious love of teaching.

Smart Tutor Referrals has a trusted team of over 50 teaching professionals covering all academic subjects.

Smart Tutor Referrals is set apart from similar agencies by its professional approach and dedication to offering both flexibility and the highest quality educational support. We are a Victoria-based agency, not a franchise or chain. We have been supporting Victoria families since 2002.

What is the registration process?
If you decide to register with Smart Tutor Referrals, we will set up a time to talk over the telephone with you (and your child) - the conversation takes about 30 minutes. We can discuss history, goals, areas of difficulty/strength, learning styles and teachers/teaching styles that your child has responded well to. Then we select the tutor who would best match your child. There is a small fee for this registration. The rates for tutors depend on how much teaching experience the tutor has. Once we have confirmed a suitable tutor, we contact you with that tutor’s contact information and background. The entire process typically takes only a few hours or days.

How long should a tutoring session be?
Most students and tutors find that a one or one and a half hour session is best according to the students' needs and schedule.

How many sessions should we have per week?
That depends on the student’s current level, your goals for improvement and support, as well as your schedule. Most students study twice or three times per week with a tutor, but moderate improvement can be seen with just one session per week.

How soon will I see results?
This depends on the student. Results of tutoring take place over time – on average, after three months, significant improvement is noticed. A major goal of tutoring is to provide students with the tools to be successful on their own. It takes time to develop successful learning and study habits, but once learned, these habits can have a positive impact on a student’s learning throughout his/her academic career.

How long will tutoring continue for?
This is in your control. It takes time to develop skills and make lasting changes. Tutoring is typically most effective when it is seen as long-term support. Students who study for several school terms or even for several years, move forward with the greatest confidence and ability. There is no set contract for length of study period. A small cancellation fee will be applied for students studying fewer than 20 hours.

Where do the tutoring sessions take place?
Tutorials take place in students’ homes. If this is not convenient, then tutoring can take place at a library or perhaps at the school. In meeting at home, students feel comfortable and relaxed, and so are more open and receptive to tutoring and learning. Also, when tutoring takes place at home, the student has the experience of understanding in the home environment. This is positive reinforcement for when the student studies on his/her own at home.

Will an STR tutor assign extra work for my child?
The tutorial sessions between your child and the tutor are entirely created to suit the needs of your child. If your child needs additional practice in a skill, the tutor can bring in extra work; if it is enrichment activities you are looking for, we can accommodate that; but if your child simply needs to attend to assigned work from school and to improving his/her study habits, we can do that too.

Will the tutor contact my child’s teacher?
We generally recommend that the tutor and teacher have contact; that way, the teacher can inform the tutor of the student’s progress, and also alert him/her to areas in which your child may need extra help. Working together, the parent, the tutor and the teacher can be a collaborative learning support system for your child. However, if you wish your tutor not contact your child’s teacher, this is entirely at your discretion.

How long has Smart Tutor Referrals been in business?
Smart Tutor Referrals has been matching students and tutors in Victoria since 2002.

How can I maximize the positive tutoring results of tutoring for my child?
Ensure that the tutor and student have all needed materials and a quiet space for tutorials. Check with your child before the tutorial to be sure that he/she has all the applicable schoolwork and texts that will be used. Follow up with your child about goals that were set in the tutorial. Give specific positive feedback to your child about his/her efforts to learn. Keep positive lines of communication open with your child’s teacher. Check in with your child’s tutor and with STR about feedback and suggestions for improving the learning environment.