Fees & Policies


For in-home, private tutoring in Victoria, hourly tutorial fees depend on the grade level and the number of years teaching experience the tutor has. We have selected only the best tutors and have excellent instructors at all levels of experience.

Tutorials continue for as long as your student wants support. Building proficiency, understanding and confidence takes time. Some students study for one or two terms, while many continue with us for several years. Our goal is to build confident learners able to take on new learning challenges.

The value in private tutoring is in having a teaching professional come into the home. Lessons are tailored directly to the student; a mentor-relationship grows between tutor and student so that the student has a third party to be responsible to in completing assignments and staying on task. Through working with your child, the tutor comes to recognize his/her strengths and weaknesses, and can demonstrate strategies for working with these.

Registration is done through a telephone interview with both the student and parent, so that the best tutor-student match can be found.

A per session travel fee may be added to help off-set the cost of travel for tutors.


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