Comparing Smart Tutor

In-home tutoring is now a growing trend in Canada. There are currently several tutoring options available in Victoria. Besides one-off tutors advertising themselves, there are now several new tutoring agencies operating in Victoria.

In considering tutoring options, for your own information and protection, please find the answers to the following questions: (Answers for Smart Tutor Referrals are provided.)

As you know, it takes a whole community to create an engaging learning environment. Thanks to our focus on respect and professionalism, we are an integral part of this community. We have been Victoria’s most successful tutoring agency for over 10 years running.

Questions to Ask Individual Tutors & Other Agencies Answers for Smart Tutor Referrals’ Tutors
Where is the tutoring done? In the student’s home (unless the home is unsuitable for some reason – then in a library or at the school).
Are the tutors qualified teachers? Yes.
How in-depth is the tutor-screening process? After a resume review and phone call, tutors are individually interviewed for 2 hours so their approach can be seen in action. (Our tutors tend to continue with us for many years.)
Do tutors have criminal records checks? Yes.
How are tutors selected to work with students? Students are carefully listened to and consulted in the arrangement of tutorials (through a telephone registration process). Then one of our team (of 50 tutors) is selected specifically for that student.
Are tutors well-compensated? Yes. (Our tutors are the highest paid in Victoria.)
What are the hourly rates for tutoring? Our rates depend on the teacher’s experience level:
$35-$45/hour for grades 1-8
$40-$50/hour for grades 9+
(+ $2.50 travel fee per session)
Does the CATC (tax credit) apply? Yes.
Is the agency a franchise or chain? Is it Canadian or multi-national? How long has the agency been in operation? No, we’re not a franchise or chain. We’re Canadian – developed and operated right here in Victoria. We’ve been supporting students for over 10 years – since 2002.
Are there set contracts required for number of hours, or length of study? No, but we find that best benefit comes to students who continue with tutoring for a full semester or school year. It takes time to affect real change and build new habits.
Are tutorials actually 1-on-1? Yes.
How are tutorials crafted to meet each student’s specific needs? Tutors have support and latitude to enrich and challenge their students in ways that will build students’ flexibility and courage in learning. We have no set curriculum that students are
moved through.
What approaches are used to create the best possible tutoring support? A tutor is chosen specifically to match each student. Families are guided in helping to create positive study environments for their students. We operate with a focus on values and integrity.