Mid-Term Study Skills Check-List

by Dahlia Miller
November 2007

The term is halfway finished. This is a great time to check in with your study habits. Tick the box that best matches how well you are doing. Total your score at the end of the quiz.

1 = needs improvement
2 = minimally meets my expectations
3 = fully meets my expectations
4 = exceeds my expectations

1     2     3     4

If I am uncertain about something being taught, I ask my teacher for clarification.

I have spoken directly with my teacher(s) about my progress and am clear about his/her suggestions for how I can improve.

My binders are organized with dividers that fit my needs, and I use them effectively.

My binders do not have any loose papers.

My notes or handouts each have a date on the top of the page and are organized by topic and date in my binders.

My notes or handouts each have a title on the top of the page so that I can easily tell the topic.

I have a system that is working well for me for transporting homework to and from school (i.e. my homework arrives at school in good condition, not looking crumpled or ripped).

I have been completing my homework on time.

I have been handing my homework in on time.

I review my notes every night for 5 minutes or more.

If I am in grade 9 or higher, I have begun reviewing for any final exams that I have at the end of this term (even just for 5-10 minutes per day).

My homework space is clear of distractions (visual or auditory).

I use my homework space to do my homework.

I take full responsibility for getting to my work – if I expect my parents to remind me to get started, I have made an agreement with them about what I need.

I use my imagination in my studying to keep things as creative and engaging as possible for myself.

If I find one type of assignment difficult, I try to look for ways to complete it that work for me (for example: typing instead of writing, multi-media instead of essay-format).

If I find myself distracted while studying, I gently bring my attention back to my work.

I am aware of my weak points in studying and am willing to make changes in my behaviour to improve.

I eat healthy snacks and meals, and keep myself hydrated.

My schedule includes time to play and relax as well as to get my work done and have a healthy sleep schedule.

I am aware that I am living my life everyday: when I am in classes, when I am doing homework, when I am playing sports or hanging out with my friends – I’m not just “going through the motions”.

If I feel nervous about my school performance, I take a deep breath, look around and remind myself that everything is okay right now.

Total Score ______ Total Score Divided by 22 (or 21 if you’re in grades 1-8)______

Are you meeting your own expectations for your studying? In what areas would you like to see yourself improve?

A story:
Everyday, a student opened his lunch to find a peanut butter and jam sandwich. He complained bitterly everyday at lunch, “Oh no. Not another peanut butter and jam sandwich! I hate peanut butter and jam. I’m so sick of having this for lunch everyday.”

His friends at first were sympathetic to his complaints, but eventually they started to get tired of hearing the same comments at lunch everyday. Finally, after several months, one of his friends said, “You obviously don’t like peanut butter and jam. Why don’t you ask your mom not to give you peanut butter and jam sandwiches?”

“My mom?” The student replied, “My mom doesn’t make my lunch for me. I make my own lunches.”

This is a funny little story. It reminds us that we are responsible for our own actions. We’re the ones who have to deal with the consequences, whether we like them or not. If we want different results, we’re the ones who will have to do things differently.

Even if your parents or teachers would like you to change your study habits, it is your self-image and choices that matter and will make the difference.

“All wish to possess knowledge, but few, comparatively speaking, are willing to pay the price.”
Juvenal (1st & 2nd century Roman poet)