1-on-1, In-Home Tutoring in Victoria, BC

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You want the best academic support for your family, right?

Why do so many parents, students and teachers choose Smart Tutor Referrals?

We work to improve skills, and increase learning confidence; challenging students to reach their potential. Though good grades are a result, what we strive for is to develop flexible, enthusiastic learners. Students are creatively engaged according to their unique abilities, needs and goals.

Smart Tutor Referrals offers professional, in-home tutoring in:
  • all academic subjects
  • study skills
  • homework support

Smart Tutor Referrals has been supporting families in Greater Victoria since 2002 and we really know what we're doing. We are not a chain or a franchise. We are a trusted team of teaching professionals offering top-quality private tutoring. Our tutors set the standard for quality in education.



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Looking for tips & practical insights into issues central to learning?

Read through these practical & thought-provoking articles. They are aimed at students, parents, and educators, and address issues that concern all students.



Links & Videos to help students, parents and educators achieve their goals.

Watch a video from a study skills workshop - a memory trick for study habits.


Our Approach

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How can we help young people to learn to think spontaneously and creatively?

We can start by asking them questions that help to spark their imaginations.

Here is how we compare to other agencies and individual tutors.