About Us

Smart Tutor Referrals has been Victoria's most successful in-home tutoring agency since 2002. Thank you, Victoria!

Smart Tutor Referrals is a values-based educational agency. We are not a franchise or chain. Instead, we rely on the creativity of our local team of educators to build programs for each individual student. This dynamic, one-on-one connection is the essence of true tutoring.

Our values include:

  • Positive vision for Victoria students
  • Creative engagement in learning
  • Challenging and expanding individual ability
  • Respect
  • Attention
  • Support for students, families and tutors
  • Honesty

Smart Tutor Referrals matches students to tutors for in-home tutoring in academics, languages, study skills and homework support. See a full list of topics we tutor. Smart Tutor Referrals has helped hundreds and hundreds of students to challenge themselves to become more flexible and confident learners.

With a trusted team of more than 50 professional tutors, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality, flexible learning support and service to students, parents and educators. Our focus is on supporting the individual as a whole, not just improving grades.

We are very proud of our excellent reputation for professionalism, integrity and support. We give back to the community in the form of free workshops for peer tutors as well as by leading elementary and middle school classes in business education through Junior Achievement of Canada. We also provide engaging workshops for students and educators in Victoria.

See our vision for education.

About the Coordinator:

Ravina Dhillon BSc, MBA
On Maternity Leave

Ravina was the type of student who loved to shop for school supplies in the fall. "I was bright, but I didn't put my hand up that much in class. I was afraid to be judged for my ability." As Coordinator of Smart Tutor Referrals, Ravina is passionate about supporting students' love and confidence in learning. She is very happy to be bringing benefits to students and families in Victoria and being a positive influence in Victoria’s educational community.

Ravina was born and raised in Victoria. After completing her psychology degree at UVIC, she became a Radiation Therapist and worked in cancer centers in Ontario and Alberta. She enjoyed the rewarding relationships she built with her patients.

As Coordinator, Ravina is doing what she loves - learning. “The position is so varied,” says Ravina., “It keeps me completely inspired to stretch my abilities and reach the greatest number of people - running STR is both exciting and demanding.”

About the Manager:

Sandra Godfrey, BA, MSc

Sandra Godfrey is an Entrepreneur and a business transformation consultant with over 25 years of international business, educational and organizational experience in the US, UK, Canada and Brazil. She holds a Masters in Occupational Psychology from Birkbeck College, (London University, UK), an honors psychology undergraduate degree.

Her formal tutoring career really began when she moved to Canada in 2001. After Sandra obtained her TOEFL Oxford University Certificate in 2011, she taught the English language in Brazil for two years. In 2013, Sandra returned to Canada and has been tutoring a variety of students in addition to her consulting projects.

Apart from her professional work, Sandra is the Past National Supervisory Psychologist for MENSA Canada. Sandra has had a strong interest in education and began teaching at the age of 16 in Sunday school in London, UK.